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  • What makes Accent Academy the choice for me?
    While searching for an accent course for my nanima, I realized how many American accent courses were not helpful for Indians - with suggestions like "make your sounds sharper" which is the opposite for our accent! On top of that, most accent trainers who taught an American Accent for Indians were Indian and were still learning the accent themself. Accent Academy combines the best of both worlds and explains how the accents differ with specific instruction catered to native Indian speakers.
  • Why do I need a new accent?
    Unfortunately, our accent is one of the biggest determiners for racial descrimination and racially instigated hate crimes. While some acts do result in violence, most acts of discrimination are unconscious biases, which can result in you losing your dream job to an equally qualified candidate, or you not getting that well deserved promotion.
  • How can a 17-year-old help me?
    I have studied linguistics at Brigham Young University and have done further courses pertaining to Psychology in my time there as well. I have also completed courses at the prestigious Stanford University and first started my higher education in Diablo Valley College, both of which where I studied business and marketing. I'm a hard worker and this campaign is how I've found a way to go back to my roots and help out our Indian community.
  • Who is running this site and Accent Academy?
    Accent Academy is a sole proprietorship - meaning that it is owned and operated only by its founder which in this case, is me! I will try to respond to your messages as soon as possible, thank you for the patience and support <3
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